Mosaic Memorial Garden Benches
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When I started considering a memorial bench for Bob, I never imagined the piece would be so representative of our life together– bright, shining and ever changing. Linda’s interpretation of my needs was perfect beyond words.

Lisa Montgomery Charlotte, North Carolina.


I am so thrilled with “Clare’s Dragonfly,” a garden stone which is a memorial in honor of my mother.  The piece includes my mother’s china and is the showcase of my garden.  I will treasure it for a lifetime.  

Jan Mosca, Minnesott Beach, North Carolina


The bench is absolutely beautiful.  I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.  It brought tears to my eyes when I opened it.  

Debbie Ranson, Nassau, Bahamas


I can not thank you enough for the heart and soul you put into the project.  You have captured the essence of our dear friend through your creative use of colors and designs.  You have taken God’s gift and shared it.  We are truly blessed because of you.  My love and thanks for all you have done.  

Michele Traina-Delph, Long Island, New York


The bench is the center piece of Devin’s garden and a beautiful mosaic of everything our son loved and who he was while he was here on Earth.

Stacy and Tom Grose, Raleigh, North Carolina


Linda’s artistic ability creates a loving tribute through her memorials.

Penny Gahan, Oriental, North Carolina


We are so glad that our friend recommended your website.   My staff and I were overwhelmed with the craftsmanship of your bench.  It is exquisite.  The butterfly mosaic provides a special tribute to a colleague who will remain in our hearts forever.  Thank you for your kindness and professionalism as we worked together to see this project to completion.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  

Brenda Valentine, Gallatin, Tennessee


Hannah’s bench arrived yesterday.  Words cannot describe how beautiful it is.  It means so much to us that you obviously put a tremendous amount of work and love into creating such a stunning piece of art.  

Michelle Landers, Lexington, Kentucky


I have to tell you how moved and awed I was when I first saw the bench.  What an a absolutely beautiful piece of art.  What a beautiful symbol of our son’s spirit, athleticism, and character.  I love how the beautiful iridescent pieces sparkle in the sunlight.  Thank you for putting your heart into the bench; it’s obvious you love what you do.

 The bench will be a beautiful place for the kids at school to visit to remember and reflect on their friend Andrew.  You have brought smiles to my family and to many kids, teachers and staff at Stratford who are continuing to cope with the loss of such a wonderful friend and human being.  We will enjoy the bench always.

Yiphen Polcyn, Andrew’s Mom, Sunnyvale, California



Mosaic Memorial Garden Art Stones

Memorial garden stones are one of a kind mosaic garden art pieces uniquely created for each client. Sides are finished in a mosaic flowers and leaves making the memorial art stone visually beautiful from every angle. Memorial stones look beautiful when displayed on an easel, lying flat on the ground, or leaning against a tree, stone or pot. Memorial art stones measure 12 inches by 12 inches, are 2 inches thick and doubly sealed resulting in perfect durability for the outdoors. Memorial stones are available in the dragonfly, sea horse, butterfly, fleur de lisfish and custom motifs in patina green or blue. Thus, custom designs are also available.

A memorial art garden stone is a way to keep the memories of a loved one close. Memorial art stones begin at $725 depending upon size, design and plaque.

  • Measures 12 inches by 12 inches or 18 inches by 18 inches, 2 inches thick
  • Available in patina blue or green
  • Available in the butterfly, angel,  fleur de lis, dragonfly, palm tree, sea horse, fish and custom designs
  • Available in choice of colors, design and plaque (faux stone in blue or green)
  • Blue or green faux stone plaques may be incorporated and begin at $75 depending upon size, material and design.
  • Porcelain Pictures (kiln fired to endure the outdoors) may be added at an additional cost
  • Delivery is available and additional

Ben's ElephantBen’s Elephant (12 by 12 Mosaic Memorial Garden Art Stone- teal background) “Oh, Linda, it is just beautiful.” Mary Porter, Batavia, Illinois

pic-angel-trumpetTrisha’s Angel (12 by 12 Mosaic Memorial Garden Art Stone- light blue background) “We received the stone yesterday, and it looks better in person!  I love the way the tiles shimmer.  My Mother would have loved that. The one thing she wanted was not to be forgotten in life.  Thank you so much!”   Danielle Mc Niel, Temple, Texas

Aliyah's Purple ButterflyAliyah’s Purple Butterfly (12 by 12 Mosaic Memorial Garden Art Stone- dark blue background) “It must be great to have a job where you create something so beautiful that can touch people so profoundly.” Kari Nelson, Lawrence, Kansas

Kassidy and softballKassidy’s Favorite Things (18 by 18 Mosaic Memorial Garden Stone- light blue background)  “It is so beautiful, Linda.  It will finish off the rose garden we made for her.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  We enjoyed the updates, as you progressed.  I’m sure Kassidy would have enjoyed the stone.”  Keith Clark, Bremerton, Washington 

freedom sign straightGarden Sign / Stone for the Freedom Elementary School Memorial Garden (13 by 16 inches, patina blue, light blue background)

freedom sign 2“Linda, the sign looks beautiful.”  Karin Schroeder, Freedom Elementary School, New Hampshire

moniqueMonique’s Treble Clef

(12 by 12 mosaic garden memory stone)

 God Bless you, your family and your talent.  Thank you for sharing that talent with us and for keeping Monique’s memory alive.

 Cindy Mojica, Hauppauge, New York


memorial garden art stones

Laurie’s Lizard
18 by 18 inches: “Wonderful!” – Chenoa Scott, Aliquippa, PA


memorial garden art stones

Butterfly, 18 inches by 18 inches: “Emmy’s stone has arrived today
and it’s perfect. I find it rather fitting that it arrived today on her
first anniversary. We can’t say enough how perfect it is for the focal
point of her memory garden.” – Ashley Whipple, Penfield, NY

memorial garden art stones

Audrey’s Butterfly,
18 inches by 18 inches – The butterfly stone is amazing! Linda was
wonderful to work with, and I appreciated the updates as she worked on
the piece. This is something we never wanted to have to do, but Linda
listened and created a beautiful piece of art that we can place in our
garden at the preschool to remember Audrey forever! Thank you! – Lori
Jannsen/Preschool Director, Carmel, Indiana


memorial garden art stones

18 by 18 inches-
Grace’s Butterfly- It is beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much… Colleen
Bailet, Lake Geneva, Wisconsen


memorial garden art stones

Dad’s Bluebird
arrived safe and sound yesterday – very beautiful! I can’t wait to give
it to my Mom in September on the anniversary of his passing – I hope I
can wait that long! If anyone I know is ever looking for something like
this I will refer them to you as I have never seen a lovelier memorial!
Phyllis Fleischer, Miami, Florida


memorial garden art stones

Isabel’s Pink
and Purple Butterfly – 18 inches by 18 inches – “The butterfly memorial
stone is absolutely beautiful, perfect. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank
you so much.” Tara Blocker, Patterson, Georgia


memorial garden art stones

Lisa’s Schoolhouse-
12 by 12 mosaic garden art stone – “Gorgeous! Everyone loves your work!!!”
Debra Phillips, Oceanside, California


memorial garden art stones

Hummingbird 12 by 12 inch mosaic stone- “This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
Thank you for this wonderful creation. It will have a special place in
my garden. You are a special person with a very special gift. Thank you
for sharing it with me.” – Dianne Muchant, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania


memorial garden art stones

Erik’s Treble
Clef – “You do beautiful work.” – Michael and Pam Rush, Eden Prairie,


memorial garden art stones

“It is truly
fabulous! You are very talented.” – Claire Keller, New Brighton,


memorial garden art stones

Betsy’s Dolphin

“The stone
is just beautiful. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you, this
is not the sort of thing I would have ever wanted to have to do, but it
is so lovely and I feel like it is just the right thing to have to remember her with. So much better than a “normal” stone. While I struggle so much
with the loss of my only daughter, I feel that some things were just meant
to be, perhaps she is leading me to certain people, I haven’t a clue.
But you have really done a wonderful thing for me by creating this for
her. You truly are a special woman, more than just with your art it takes
someone special to undertake this type of work. I’ll always keep you in
love and light, you hold a special place in my heart. ” – Cindy
Hatok, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania


memorial garden art stones

Mosaic Memorial Art Stone

“It is beautiful.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience.” – Marie Mulligan,
Dix Hill, Long Island, New York


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