Mosaic Memorial Garden Benches
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When I started considering a memorial bench for Bob, I never imagined the piece would be so representative of our life together– bright, shining and ever changing. Linda’s interpretation of my needs was perfect beyond words.

Lisa Montgomery Charlotte, North Carolina.


I am so thrilled with “Clare’s Dragonfly,” a garden stone which is a memorial in honor of my mother.  The piece includes my mother’s china and is the showcase of my garden.  I will treasure it for a lifetime.  

Jan Mosca, Minnesott Beach, North Carolina


The bench is absolutely beautiful.  I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.  It brought tears to my eyes when I opened it.  

Debbie Ranson, Nassau, Bahamas


I can not thank you enough for the heart and soul you put into the project.  You have captured the essence of our dear friend through your creative use of colors and designs.  You have taken God’s gift and shared it.  We are truly blessed because of you.  My love and thanks for all you have done.  

Michele Traina-Delph, Long Island, New York


The bench is the center piece of Devin’s garden and a beautiful mosaic of everything our son loved and who he was while he was here on Earth.

Stacy and Tom Grose, Raleigh, North Carolina


Linda’s artistic ability creates a loving tribute through her memorials.

Penny Gahan, Oriental, North Carolina


We are so glad that our friend recommended your website.   My staff and I were overwhelmed with the craftsmanship of your bench.  It is exquisite.  The butterfly mosaic provides a special tribute to a colleague who will remain in our hearts forever.  Thank you for your kindness and professionalism as we worked together to see this project to completion.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  

Brenda Valentine, Gallatin, Tennessee


Hannah’s bench arrived yesterday.  Words cannot describe how beautiful it is.  It means so much to us that you obviously put a tremendous amount of work and love into creating such a stunning piece of art.  

Michelle Landers, Lexington, Kentucky


I have to tell you how moved and awed I was when I first saw the bench.  What an a absolutely beautiful piece of art.  What a beautiful symbol of our son’s spirit, athleticism, and character.  I love how the beautiful iridescent pieces sparkle in the sunlight.  Thank you for putting your heart into the bench; it’s obvious you love what you do.

 The bench will be a beautiful place for the kids at school to visit to remember and reflect on their friend Andrew.  You have brought smiles to my family and to many kids, teachers and staff at Stratford who are continuing to cope with the loss of such a wonderful friend and human being.  We will enjoy the bench always.

Yiphen Polcyn, Andrew’s Mom, Sunnyvale, California



Mosaic Memorial Butterfly Benches

Since each mosaic butterfly bench is custom designed and created according to the customer’s preferences, many color options and designs are available. The butterfly benches come in patina blue or green, stand 18 inches high, are 14 inches wide and are available in 3 lengths:

  • 35 inches starting at $2,100
  • 40 inches starting at $2,400
  • 45 inches and curved starting at $2,900
  • Blue or green faux stone plaques may be incorporated and begin at $75 depending upon size, material and design
  • Shipping is available at an additional price

Peighton’s Butterflies- 40 inch patina blue mosaic memorial bench with dark blue background tiles

Peighton’s Butterflies- “The beautiful bench will give many of us some peace and joy.”  Susan Berlew, Carroll Elementary School, Southlake, Texas

Josh's bench longshot 2Josh’s Butterflies- 35 inch mosaic memorial memory bench, patina green with medium blue background tiles

Josh close butterfly“Wow, Linda, it is gorgeous. Words cannot adequately describe our appreciation.”  Jeff and Amy Shaffner, Santa Maria, California

Luna long shotLuna’s Pink Butterfly Bench- 35 inch patina blue mosaic memory bench with medium blue background tiles

luna closeup2“Gorgeous, Perfect, Love,” Jaime McKnight, St. Petersburg, Florida

Cystal long shotCrystal’s Runner with Butterflies- 45 inch curved mosaic memorial bench with medium blue background tiles

1002170853c[1]“Looks beautiful,” Nancy Shafer Boudreau, Ann Arbor, Michigan

kerns butterfly long shotPatricia’s  Butterflies- 40 inch patina blue mosaic memorial bench with light blue background tiles

kerns cu“Amazing and perfect…,” Kathy Kern Ross, Logan, Texas

Lilyana's BenchLilyana’s Musical Bench and Butterflies- 45 inch Memorial Bench, patina blue with teal background tiles

0609171008b[1]“Wow, it takes my breath away.  I am so thankful and blessed. It’s beautiful.”  Crystal Juratovac, Baltimore, Maryland

iris and butterflyIris’s Blue Butterflies, Sunshine Flowers and Dragonflies- 40 inch memorial bench, patina blue and medium blue background

Iris Armstong close up“It is beautiful and perfect for Iris.” Heather Oehlke 1SG, US Army, Fort Bragg, NC

Justine's BenchJustine’s Lotus Flower, Purple Butterflies and Golden Dragonflies- 35 inch mosaic memorial bench, patina blue with medium blue background tiles

Justine lotus close up“I love it!” Jo Ann Downey, Belle Glade, Florida

0223171608[1]Layla’s Butterfly and White Flowers- 45 inch, curved patina blue mosaic memorial bench with medium blue background tiles

0223171610-1[1]“Wow, this is stunning.” Rachel Johnson, Spring, Texas

1119161424a-1Giulia’s Pink Butterfly– 35 inch, patina blue mosaic memorial bench with light blue background tiles

1116161002-1“Thank you, Linda…” Melody Meade, Washington International School, Washington, DC

noah-4Noah’s Bench- 45 inch curved, patina blue mosaic memorial bench with light blue background tiles (design by Sharon Rodriguez)

noahs-bee“We wish to say thank you again for working with us on Noah’s beautiful bench.  It looks perfect at his elementary school.  We have received several comments on how beautiful it is.”  Sharon and Jose Rodriguez, Atlanta, Georgia

mothers3Two Spectacular Mothers (45 inch curved, patina blue mosaic memorial bench with light blue background tiles) “Your amazing work speaks for itself.  This bench will be something that fills a void in our home.  It’s been such a pleasure being able to work with you in creating this timeless work of art.” The Taylors, West  Bountiful, Utah

sharons-balloonsSharon’s Balloons (35 inch, patina blue mosaic memorial bench with sky blue background tiles) “It looks beautiful.” Noah Herron

ladybug benchEllas’s Ladybug– 35 inch patina blue mosaic memorial bench with sky blue background tiles

butterfly ladybug 2“You are amazing!!” Clarissa Carter, Dallas, Texas

monarch“The craftsmanship and focus you put into this bench is admirable and appreciated by our entire community.”  Paul Lepore, West Nyack, New York

Kathyrn's Purple Butterfly BenchKathryn’s Purple Butterfly- 35 inch mosaic memorial bench, patina blue, medium blue background tiles

K for Kathyrn“Wow, Linda, the bench looks amazing!  You are so talented.”  Louise H. Schutte, Richmond, Virginia

Micah's BenchMicah’s Red Butterfly- 45 inch curved patina blue mosaic memorial bench with medium blue background

close-up Micah's red butterfly“Wonderful!” Kinsey Young, Lakeland, Florida

Lauren's Butterfly Bench (2)Lauren’s Purple Butterflies- 35 inch patina blue mosaic memorial bench with dark blue background

iris and butterfly

Lauren's purple butterfly“Great! Thank you so much  for everything!!  You do such beautiful work.” Karin Golden, Tallahassee, Florida

white butterfliesRylie’s and Avary’s White Butterflies (45 inch curved mosaic memorial garden bench, patina green with medium green background)

white butterfly and bee“The visual detail of our bench is remarkable.  Linda was very attentive to the details, and truly incorporated the colors and symbolism that represent our daughters.  The various patterns and textures of the tiles compliment one another  beautifully and truly make for a custom design.  The bench is a perfect addition to our memorial garden– we couldn’t be any happier.” Eric and Danyelle Andrews, Oak Park, Illinois

Ryan Claires Pink ButterflyRyan Claire’s Pink Butterfly ( 35 inch mosaic memorial bench- patina blue- medium blue background)

Ryan Claire's DragonflyThank you for your beautiful work.  It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.”  Tiffanie Sneed, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Gloria's ButterflyGloria’s Butterfly

(45 inch Patina Blue Mosaic Memorial Bench)

“It is Beautiful!!!  Her bench is going to be a blessing to all in the garden at her church.”  Jerry Hahn, Palm Beach, Florida

IMG_20141221_103922_377-1-1[1]“Wow!  It’s magnificent.  Words cannot adequately express my delight.  I’m so happy I found you.  I don’t think anyone could have captured our vision quite like you.  It brought tears to my father’s eyes.”  Amber Collins, Layton, Utah

IMG_20141221_103624_614-1[1]Brenda’s Bench

(35 inch patina blue mosaic memorial bench with light blue background)

“You have helped us fill the void we have been missing.” Sara, Utah

IMG_20140930_162349_858-225x300“Wow, Amazing!” Laura Bushor, Hebron, CT.
 IMG_20140930_162312_893Dawn’s Butterfly(40 inch bench, patina blue, with light blue background -memorial mosaic bench)
IMG_20140827_081310_577“The bench is more beautiful than I imagined!!!  You did a wonderful job.  It warms my heart knowing that Kelly will be thought of every time a patient or employee passes her butterfly bench.  Kelly inspired so many people to fight cancer and set an example for all of us to follow.”  Mary Dee, Charlotte, NC  Also See Dragonfly Benches and Memorial
IMG_20140827_081133_676Kelly’s Butterfly- 35 inch patina blue with dragonflies Also See Dragonfly Benches and Memorial       
Memorial benchPaige’s Pink Butterflies– 35 inch, patina blue mosaic memorial bench
Memorial bench“The bench is beyond words. I can’t take my eyes off it. Thank you, Linda.” – Sue Rivard, Hebron, Connecticut
Memorial benchCindy’s Yellow Butterflies– 35 inch mosaic memorial bench, patina blue
Memorial bench“The bench has arrived and it is perfect!!! I truly love it. Brought tears to my eyes. It represents Cindy so perfectly. Thank you for doing such an amazing job!!! I enjoyed working with you. From the bottom of my heart – thank you again!” – Kara Wolf, Queen City, Missouri
Memorial benchLauren’s Butterflies – 35 inch bench – “The bench is beautiful!  The details, colors and symbols are beautiful and represent her perfectly.” Ashley Ginsburg, Tallahassee, Florida
Memorial benchAshlea’s and Summer’s Butterfly – 40 inch memory bench, patina blue“Thank you again for all the love that you put into this for us – you have truly helped our hearts so much. Thanks to you my parents and nephew have a beautiful place to sit when they visit the cemetery.” Kylea Lyons, Charleston, South Carolina
Memorial benchLiam’s Blue Butterfly– patina blue, 45 inch curved bench
Memorial bench“Oh, Linda, I love it!! It is beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much!! It will be the perfect addition to his memorial garden. It is beautiful, and I will cherish it for the rest of my life.” – Dana Hilton, Lewisville,Texas
Memorial benchJames’ Garden Friends- 45 inch curved- patina blue/green
Memorial bench“My dad’s bench arrived today in perfect condition. It is even more beautiful than the pictures. I know that he is smiling and happy with the love and talent that created this amazing tribute to him. Thank you so much for sharing your special gift.” Laura Dudeck, Pine Beach, New Jersey
Memorial bench Pink Butterfly, patina blue, curved 45 inch mosaic memorial art bench
Memorial bench“Thank you! We have gotten many compliments on how beautiful the bench is!”  Michele Barnhart, Immokalee, Florida
Memorial bench“The bench looks so unbelievably beautiful. Connie would have loved it.” – Lana Ferguson, Redwood City, California
Memorial benchConnie’s Favorite Things- 45 inch curved  mosaic memorial art bench with light blue background tiles
Memorial benchAva’s Pink Butterfly- 45 inch curved memorial mosaic art bench, patina blue
Memorial bench“Your work is so amazing! You are truly gifted. Your work will help bring me peace each time I sit in the garden. This bench will bring me comfort at such a painful time in my life.”
Memorial benchSarah’s Bench – 35 inches, patina blueIt looks absolutely amazing, gorgeous, perfect. Bari Lawhorn, Cary, NC
Memorial benchTed’s Butterfly – 45 inch curved bench, patina blueTed’s bench is just perfect. It looks gorgeous. This Thurs. night, I went swimming in my 80 degree pool and saw the 18 white tiles on Ted’s bench glowing!! You had said something about this but until now I didn’t see them. What a treat! The sky was so clear with a zillion stars and lots of fire flys. Marilynn Mandel, Scotia, New York
Memorial benchWilma’s Butterfly- (45 inch curved mosaic memorial bench. “It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband Richard… are good people. My butterfly bench is a treasure. I thank you again for adding to the beauty of my garden with such a gorgeous work of art. It’s so nice to open the drapes in the morning and see my butterfly bench. I start my day with a smile. Your talent is amazing….you bring so much joy into people’s lives. You should be very proud. Take care and be well.” – Wilma, Alexandria, Virginia
Memorial benchPhilip’s and Sean’s Butterfly (35 inch mosaic memorial art bench- butterflies created with Oriental china)“Outstanding, Linda, I love your work! I am beyond pleased!! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful piece of art for my boys, I will cherish it forever.” – Nancy Wood, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Memorial benchMichelle’s Butterfly– (35 inch mosaic memorial bench with a purple border in patina blue“Great Job!” – Juanita Lee, Meridian Ranch Elementary School, Falcon, Colorado
Memorial benchMary’s Butterfly (45 inch curved mosic memorial art bench- patina blue)“Mary’s bench is beautiful! I can tell you put a lot of heart and love into her bench.  I can’t begin to put into words how breathtaking Mary’s bench is. Photographs don’t even do the bench justice. This project has far exceeded our expectations!  We are so proud to have this memorial to honor Mary. We can’t thank you enough for all the heart and soul you put into this project. You are truly a remarkable and caring artist. Your work is amazing! Thank You so Very Much For Everything!” – Katie, Willimantic, Connecticut
Memorial benchMary’s Butterfly (45 inch curved mosaic memorial art bench in patina blue)“Mary’s bench is breathtaking! It is a real work of art. I so appreciate how you have shared the progress with us throughout the process.” – Angela Kiss, Willimantic, Connecticut
Memorial benchLorraine’s Butterfly- 35 inch, patina blue mosaic memorial art bench with purple border“Linda, I absolutely LOVE IT! The bench is gorgeous!!” – Deborah Phelps, Woodbridge, Virginia
Portrait Tile Garden BenchesEmma’s Pink Butterfly (45 inch patina blue with purple border memorial art bench)“How beautiful Emma’s Butterfly Bench is! Your work is amazing. I absolutely love what you have done! I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful memorial for Emma than what you have created for us. Thank you so very much.It’s been an absolutely wondrous adventure from the very first time we found your website, to counting down the days to seeing you arrive at Rachel & John’s house with this precious memorial. You have made each step along the way a sheer pleasure. You are a delight to work with, and I can’t thank you enough. Emma’s bench is breathtaking !”Ruth Hilliard, Graham, North Carolina 
Memorial bench Red Rose Butterfly- 45 inch, patina blue mosaic memorial art bench)“It’s beautiful— thank you. The gold heart is absolutely perfect.”Mary Cooke, Long Island, New York
Memorial bench( 45 inch memorial art bench, patina blue)“It’s gorgeous. Thank you so much, Linda. “Nora Graf, Fresno, California
Memorial Garden Benches( 40 inch bench, patina green with a green border)“My sister’s bench is exquisite. It should be in a museum.”Michael LaChapelle, Silver Spring, Maryland
Memorial Garden Stones( 45 inch bench, patina blue with a purple border)“This bench will be highly cherished. Thank you does not seem enough to say for your labor of love. May God continue to bless your magnificent work.”Tricia Roca, Lexington, Kentucky
Memorial bench( 40 inch memorial art bench, patina blue-
Memorial bench( 40 inch bench, patina blue)
Memorial bench( 45 inch bench, patina blue)
Memorial bench( 45 inch bench, patina green)
Memorial bench( 45 inch bench, patina green)
Memorial bench( 45 inch bench, patina green)
In Loving Memory of Debbie Justen ( 40 inch bench, patina blue)
In Loving Memory of Debbie Justen ( 40 inch bench, patina blue)
Memorial bench ( 40 inch bench, patina green)
( 40 inch bench, patina green)
In Loving Memory of Betsy Carver ( 35 inch bench, patina blue)
Memorial bench ( 35 inch bench, patina blue)