Because Our Lives Matter
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When I started considering a memorial bench for Bob, I never imagined the piece would be so representative of our life together– bright, shining and ever changing. Linda’s interpretation of my needs was perfect beyond words.

Lisa Montgomery Charlotte, North Carolina.
vintage china mosaic garden benches custom hand crafted, one of a kind design

Water’s End Studio

Click to see an example of our garden stonesWater’s End Studio specializes in custom vintage china and Italian glass mosaic memorial garden benches and stones created by both client and artist as a beautiful place to sit and find peace in one’s thoughts, especially in a time of loss. Water’s End Studio’s personalized, handcrafted memorial benches are celebratory, stone-like art pieces encapsulating the memory of a loved one. These vintage china, mosaic garden benches and garden stones are hand crafted, one of a kind art pieces created by Inner Banks artist, Linda Solby. Pieces of fine china (often found in antique stores) and highly reflective glass are combined to form a medley of fine design. Sharp edges are dremeled to perfection reflecting the sunlight and leaving the surface smooth to the touch. Because the benches and stones weather well outdoors and the beauty endures, these mosaics are the perfect way to memorialize a loved one.

Each bench or garden stone is custom designed after discussion with the client customer. The bench or stone is an artistic piece dedicated to the one you love and therefore is a reflective expression of this person who is so dear to your heart. A garden stone or bench is a beautiful way to celebrate memories. Personal items can be incorporated making the design very special.


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Water’s End Studio specializes in memorial benches and various memorial art pieces. Garden benches begin at $1100 and garden stones begin at $325, according to size and design. Memorial pictures begin at $350.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss an order, please contact Linda at 1-252-249-3106 or click here to email me.